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We live in a world where technological advancements are seen real-time. Children of this day and age have grown into such an environment where the first devices they use are laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Equipped with a storytelling format, Log In is tailored to be generationally relevant to children of this era. Engaging students through a storyline, it is a relaxed, fun way to learn the basics of computer science and to get acquainted to changes and advancements in the field of information technology.

Main features

Grade 1 to 5

Computer science

Storytelling format

TEXTBOOK (For Student) CURIOSITY KIT (For Teacher)

Evaluation sheets & Teacher Manual


Meet Uncle Babbage, inspired from the Father of Modern Computers, Charles Babbage. He is very knowledgeable in the world of computers and helps Chip, a young boy, in understanding concepts and uses of computers.

Children today get to experience technology at an early age. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce them to concepts which are generationally relevant to them.


STUDENTS Each student will receive the textbook which has a storytelling format and built-in exercises to keep the students engaged.

4 Assessments and 2 Term Assessments are provided for evaluation purposes.

TEACHERS Every teacher will receive a Curiosity Kit. This is an aid provided to reinforce concepts through quizzes and other activities.

Teachers have access to an online Teacher manual, which provides detailed descriptions of each unit and chapter in the textbook.


If you are a school and are keen to know more about Log In - Computer Science or subscribe to it, reach out to us!

Email: chip@greycaps.com
Phone: 080-41202438/ 42168124.